Removing Your Succulent Flower Stalks

You may find yourself asking “Why would I ever remove a succulent flower stalk?” There are a few reasons why succulent gardeners may remove the stalks from their plants, but first let’s talk about the flower stalks themselves.

How To Succulent Propagation: Soil Method

Succulent propagation is the process of producing more succulents, but there is more than one method to propagate them (soil, air, water, & division). Today I’ll be giving you all the information you need to propagate them by soil. If you are interested in of the other methods of succulent propagation, be sure to check out my other blog posts detailing the water and air method. Now let’s begin!

DIY Succulent Soil Mix Recipe

What in the world is a succulent soil mix recipe? Why would you want to mix your own soil? By making your own soil mix for plants, you can customize it to your climate and plant needs. Today I am discussing succulent soil mix.