The Mother’s Day Gift Guide For Gardeners

If you are one of those individuals who are wondering what in the world you are going to get your Mom for Mother’s Day, you aren’t alone. If your Mom happens to be a gardener, I can help. I’ve compiled a diverse selection of gifts. No matter what your budget, there is something your gardening Mom is sure to love. Sit back, scroll through and let me do all of the work for you this Mother’s Day.

Top Five Tools For Gardening in Clay Soils

If you are reading this post, odds are you have to deal with clay soil in your garden. I’m a zone 8a in Georgia, and most of the soil in our region is extremely rich in clay deposits. In fact, a major industry in our area was brick making with the rich, red Georgia clay. While that can be a positive for your plants in the way of increased moisture retention, soil density, and nutrients, it can also be a pain when it comes to actually working in it. If you have ever tried to dig a hole by hand in clay soil you already know what I’m talking about which is why I thought I would share with you my “Top Five Gardening Tools For Working In Clay Soils.”