How To Prune Forsythia

Do you know the proper way to prune forsythia? If your answer is to cut it to the ground every winter, then you’re probably falling victim to the same misconceptions of those who commit annual “crepe murder.” On the other hand, you may have not done any proper pruning of your forsythia and wonder why you aren’t seeing very many blooms. Either way, you need to know the correct way to prune your forsythia to ensure it looks it’s best.

How To: Live Moss Topped Urn

Aside from my usual gardening posts, I wanted to include another how to project. This is a quick project about how to create a live moss topped urn or decorative bowl that should only take about 5 minutes once you have all the supplies available.  It’s a simple, chic way to bring a little green into your home any time of year.

How To Divide Iris: A Step By Step With Photos

How long has it been since you last divided your irises? If you don’t remember or worse, have never divided them since initially planting, then odds are it’s time. Other indicators that you may need to divide your irises include few or no blooms, and a large mass of rhizomes that are tightly grown together with little or no spacing. The general rule of thumb is to divide every three to four years according to the American Iris Society.