About Me

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Welcome to my little corner of the internet, This personal blog is an outlet for me to showcase several aspects of my life as well as document the events, days, and years that are all too easily forgotten. I have blogged on and off for the last eight years, so you will see a glimpse of how my life focus has changed over the years.

I began by featuring my love of paper scrapbooking and I now concentrate on digital scrapbooking when I have time, so you probably won’t see any of those types of posts.

The entire time, however, I have shared my three baby boys (Gus, Broughton, and Rhett) who are very quickly growing and changing. I share their achievements as well as their hardships because I never want to forget their times growing up.

In the most recent years, I have begun to share my love of plants and gardening. From succulents to boxwood topiary, I love it all. I especially admire the structure of French Gardens and the romance of English Gardens. I utilize the inspiration I draw from them and integrate it into my own Southern Zone 8a Garden located in rural Georgia.

Please let me know if you have any questions or have any suggestions for blog topics you would like to read about. Thanks for stopping by!