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Stocking Stuffers For The Gardener In Your Life

Red Christmas stocking with greenery

It’s the magical time of year when everyone is in panic mode, but I’m here to help you out with stocking stuffers for the gardener in your life! It can be easy to overlook the opportunity to include a loved one’s love of gardening into something as small as a stocking stuffer, but it can earn you extra brownie points as a thoughtful gift giver if you don’t. Obviously, stocking stuffers are going to be small in size, but can range in price. I have included a range of prices to ensure you have plenty of items to fill that stocking.

1. Paper Pot Maker

What evokes more thoughts of going green than gardening? Well it’s a shame that there is so much plastic waste produced in the garden industry. Help to reduce plastic consumption by using biodegradable pots made from paper.


2.  Gardening Tool Belt

Lots of space and pockets make keeping the tools a gardener needs close at hand while working.




3. Plant Tying Machine

This tool is useful for anchoring and trellising plants from tomatoes to roses. It increases efficiency over the use of velcro, cable, and zip ties.





4. Copper Plant Tags

Durable, waterproof copper tags help to ensure proper plant identification while maintaining a consistent style.




5. Dibber / Bulb Planter

Dibbers are one of those basics that every gardeners needs, but not every gardener has. They make planting at a consistent depth and hole size quick and easy.



6. 1″ Cutting Capacity Bypass Pruners

One item every gardener can never have enough of is pruners. This pair has a good cutting capacity that is designed to last.




7. Marimo Moss Balls 3 Pack

A great way for gardeners to add an unusual touch of greenery indoors in a terrarium, or outdoors in water features or ponds!



8. Bamboo Working Gloves

Another item that I never seem to have enough of is gloves. I’m so bad about losing them, they are the gardener’s equivalent of the mismatched sock. Stock up on these breathable gloves so they’ll never run out!



9. Garden Tool Sharpener

There’s almost nothing worse than not having the right tools, right? Wrong. Having dull tools can cause damage to plants and extend work time. Make sure their garden tools stay in tip top shape by getting them a garden tool sharpener.



10. Bulb Auger Attachment For Drill

This attachment for your drill makes planting so much easier! It saves your back from repetitive bending and can also be used to break up tricky soil spots.



11. Amazon Gift Card

When you just need a little something extra, a gift card is always the perfect option.




I hope this little list helps ease some of the stress of shopping for stocking stuffers for that special gardener in your life. If I can find time before Christmas, I’ll post a list of larger gifts for gardeners.

Happy Holidays Y’all!


Red sequin stocking with greenery

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