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Removing Your Succulent Flower Stalks

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You may find yourself asking “Why would I ever remove a succulent flower stalk?” There are a few reasons why succulent gardeners may remove the stalks from their plants, but first let’s talk about the flower stalks themselves.

If you have ever encountered flower stalks on your succulents, chances are, you have admired how long lasting they are compared to traditional flowers. Succulent flowers last for weeks or even months, depending on the particular succulent. They come in a range of colors. It is also important to note that not all succulent flower stalks are the same. Some succulents are monocarpic meaning once they bloom and produce seed or offsets the original plant dies off. The succulent stalks that we are referring to are your typical perennial succulents. There is such a wide range, you will need to google your species if you are unsure if it is perennial or monocarpic.

Cut Flowers

One of the most obvious reasons one would remove a succulent flower stalk is to enjoy it. If you neglect to remove a flower stalk early on and it has formed into a stalk in full bloom you can always remove it and place it in water as you would any other cut flower and it will last a significant amount of time. Like I mentioned earlier, they come in a range of colors from yellows to soft dusty pinks, and vibrant oranges. Just add this to the long list of reasons to love succulents.

Attract Pests

Another reason that some succulent owners remove the flower stalks is because they can attract aphids and other troublesome pests. Once succulents are infested with certain pests, it can be very difficult to get rid of them and their eggs. Some will try a diluted alcohol or neem oil spray to treat the infestation, but for many, being proactive and removing blooms that may attract them is a better solution.


Loss Of Shape

Lastly, growing multiple succulent flower stalks can distort the shape and pattern of leaves. This happens more often when the plant forms multiple flower stalks and/or the stalks are especially large. By removing the flowering stalk when it is still smaller and easily removed, you eliminate the risk of succulent distortion.

At the end of the day, whether or not to remove the flower stalk from your succulents is entirely personal choice. You must weigh the options and make the decision for yourself.

Happy gardening!


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