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The Power of Purple: Top Five Purple Bulbs To Plant In Your Garden

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If you know much about me, or read my blog, then you might  know that purple is my favorite color. At one point in my early 20’s I painted my entire bedroom in a light lilac shade, and it made me so happy. Now, I get my daily dose of purple in the form of flowers in my garden. Today I am sharing my “Top 5 Purple Bulbs To Plant In Your Garden.”


Hyacinth come in a multitude of colors, but there is just something so whimsical about purple hyacinth. The variety I have linked from Colorblends is called purple sensation. It is an early spring bloomer, so it is always a welcome wash of color in your garden before all of the green fully returns. This variety also works very well in terracotta pots in the garden that you can change out with later bloomers because it doesn’t get over 10 inches in height.

Link: Hyacinth from Colorblends

Calla Lily

Calla lily are not only one of my favorites because they come in purple, but for another very important reason. My wedding bouquet was comprised entirely of them. Aside from my sentimental reasons for loving them, I adore their very hearty, yet delicate shape. They are a combination of strength and beauty in one single flower.
purple calla lily, purple flowerLink: Calla Lily from Amazon

Bearded Iris

My love of bearded iris aren’t limited to simply one color, although purple is my favorite. Surprise! It comes from being exposed to them from my grandmother’s garden at an early age.  Their unique shape and bearded texture make for a truly unforgettable bloom. Although bearded iris aren’t technically bulb flowers since they grow from rhizome, but they are often categorized together which is why I am including them.
lavender purple bearded iris, purple flower, purple bulbLink: Bearded Iris from Amazon


You may also hear reference to corms when researching bulbs. Corms, along with rhizomes and bulbs fall into the same grouping. Gladiolus come from corms, and unlike most of your typical early flowering bulbs, gladiolus bloom in mid to late summer. Each stalk of glads boast a row bursting with blooms. It’s not hard to understand why you would want this magnificent flower in your garden.

Link: Gladiolus from Amazon


To round out my pick of the purples, I chose another late summer bloomer. The dahlia comes in a variety of colors, but of course, purple is my choice. I linked a lavender purple shade that is available from Breck’s. They come from tubers, similar to daylilies, but sometimes, you will hear them called bulbs. Similar in height to gladiolus, these may need to be staked to avoid them falling over, but the blooms are well worth the effort.

Link: Dahlias from Breck’s

If you love purple bulbs as much as I do, I promise you won’t be disappointed in these five flowering bulbs. This is not a comprehensive list of all that I love, just a select few that I wanted to share with my readers. I would love to hear your favorites as well. Happy Gardening!

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