DIY Succulent Soil Mix Recipe

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What in the world is a succulent soil mix recipe? Why would you want to mix your own soil? By making your own soil mix for plants, you can customize it to your climate and plant needs. Today I am discussing succulent soil mix.

I am a USDA zone 8a in Georgia and have humid summers, which most succulents aren’t going to love. When I first started out caring for succulents I lost a lot of them to root rot. There are several things that can contribute to root rot, but overly wet feet (roots) are a major factor. You can help mitigate wet feet by using a very well draining soil.

I have experimented for the past five years and have finally found a succulent soil mix recipe that works for me. You will need a bag of potting soil, a bag of perlite, a large container for mixing it in, pea gravel is optional. Some people like to start out with a cactus & succulent soil mix, but I feel like plain potting soil works fine for me.

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How To Mix Your Succulent Soil

Once you have your ingredients measure out 1/2 potting soil to 1/2 perlite. If you mix a .5 cubic foot of potting soil, then you will need .5 cubic foot of perlite. Mix well by hand. Sometimes I like to mix in a handful of pea gravel when I am potting up my succulents in deep pots. I always use pea gravel as a top dressing to keep my succulents from sitting in wet or damp soil, and that has helped.  If you are in a drier climate you can lessen the amount of perlite, if you are in a constantly humid environment you can increase the perlite. The beauty of mixing your own succulent soil mix is that you can make it custom to your needs.

I would love to hear how your experience with mixing your own succulent soil has gone. Happy gardening!

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