Clematis “Jackmanii” in June Bloom

purple flower , flowering vine

Located in USDA zone 8a, the Shaffer garden has recently seen an explosion of gorgeous purple blooms in the form of Clematis “Jackmanii.” I always like to point out that purple is a personal favorite of mine, so give me ALL of the purple flowers!

Clematis is a large flowering vine which typically is a climber, but I haven’t replaced the trellis since I cleaned out the flower beds, so unfortunately this plant is a clump of mess right now. I’ll add it to my ever growing to do list.

It grows best in partial to full sun, and needs watering at least once a week more in extreme heat. That hasn’t been much of an issue here lately, because it has been raining A LOT!

If you are looking to add a similar clematis to your garden, I will post some links.

Clematis “Jackmanii” :

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