Oh Happy Day

When I sat down to scrapbook this photo I just could not get the sound of an old church choir singing joyfully, “Oh Happy

Beach Baby

I wanted to retain the¬†authentic feel of these photos without feeling like my layout was “old fashioned” so I chose these fun, colorful retro

Nap Time…

Little boys rarely slow down, but when they do you get to see them in a different light. Sweet, quiet, still. Makes my heart

Baby Gus Shaffer

I just can’t bring myself to use just one picture in my layouts of my little Gus man. He was less than a month

Baby Cheeks

Photo: Circa 1983 I wanted to focus on the picture  and keep this layout simple, with the exception of some eye catching color. I

Sugar and Spice

The picture quality from the early 80’s is far from that of today’s photography, none the less, pictures from the past deserve their rightful

Car Wash!

  I began scrapbooking over ten years ago and it is hands down my favorite hobby. It can be very time consuming, many times