Pregnancy Pillow Wars: Boppy versus Snoogle

During my first pregnancy four years ago, I made due sleeping with about four different pillows strategically placed all around me. To say the least, this didn’t make for very great sleep. This go around I decided to try out one of the many pregnancy pillows that are now available.

The first one I bought was the Boppy brand. I thought because the Boppy nursing pillow worked so well with my last son that the Boppy brand would be a safe bet for a pregnancy pillow. I was very eager to try it out immediately after receiving it, seeing as how I heard many other moms rave about not being able to survive without theirs. My experience was less than great. For those of you who do not know, the Boppy pregnancy pillow is actually three separate pillows held together by flimsy Velcro. I assembled the pieces and attempted to position myself comfortably in bed but every time I would make the slightest movement, the pillows would separate. This drove me crazy. I addition to the pillow not staying together, the filling in the pillow felt quite subpar, and not likely to offer much support.

I decided to give it another try and order a different pregnancy pillow, so I figured that I would give the Leachco Snoogle a try. It is one continuous pillow, unlike the Boppy brand, so I figured it would be just what I needed. It arrived and once again I was very eager to try it out. The Snoogle is a very substantial size, lucky for us we have a king size bed. It was great that it actually stayed together while I was maneuvering around. It took a few minutes to get situated. It was comfortable enough, and the filling seemed much firmer than that of the Boppy brand. The only downside to this is that the headrest section of the pillow is a bit too full and firm for me.

Overall, I preferred the Snoogle pregnancy pillow to that of the Boppy brand. The Boppy was completely unusable for me. Because the Snoogle is a bit too¬†full in the headrest area, I really only use it to watch TV. I am hoping that after some time the head rest will flatten out and it won’t be so akward. So my verdict is that while the Snoogle definitely won out over the Boppy, I still prefer using multiple pillows for now.rd_image

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